Ufone Advance Code

Ufone Advance Code

Hello friends, I welcome you in this interesting and new article Ufone Advance Code today. In this article, we are going to tell you about the Ufone Advance Code.

Friends, as you may have guessed from the title above. What is going to happen in this article. But let us guide you completely,

in which article we are going to tell you about the Ufone Advance Code. With the help of which you can get advance balance through ufone advance code 2020 on Ufone sim.

Friends, as you know that if you are using Ufone SIM. Then you may need to use this offer sometime.

Because when your balance is over and you do not have any any facility to recharge again. Then you can benefit from this offer.

Friends, as you know, the rest of the telecom communication company also offers this offer. similarly Ufone also offers you that you can get your advance balance with the help of Ufone Advance Code in a very easy way.

Ufone Advance Code 2020

Friends, if you have a new user on the Ufone, if you have taken a new sim. Then you will not be known to you if you want to get an advance from the sim of ufone.

Then you should be told that in this article we will give you a Ufone balance check code 2020. Friends, as you know, the Ufone advanced balance, which is known as U Advance or it was also known as U Load Service.

Whenever your balance is over, this offer can be very useful for you. Friends, the condition for this is that you will have a balance of less than Rs 20 only.

Then you can administer your advance in this Ufone Advance. With the help of the code. If your balance is more than Rs 20.

Then you do not benefit from this offer. Friends Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited ie (PTML) or Ufone Pakistani Cellular Service Provider.

About Ufone Advance Code

To increase your knowledge, Ufone started its network in 2001. And is now also known as Number One Telecom Communication Company across Pakistan.

Apart from this, the Ufone which is also free from PTCL Telecommunication Company Limited, which provides PTCL service all over Pakistan.

Due to providing PTCL of Ufone, it was made a part of Etisalat in 2006. Friends, you kept increasing the amount that the youth is 24 million subscribers according to their recent research and this number is increasing day by day.

Ufone Advance Code

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Procedure for Ufone advance balance

Ufone Advance Balance or U Advance offers you to get advance balance. You will be able to get the advance at any time when your balance is over.

You will follow all the steps given to us in an easy way on your Ufone SIM. If you want to subscribe to this package and want to benefit from this offer.

Then go to the dial pad of your mobile and dial this small code there. To get this offer dial *456#. Friends, you should be told that when you get balance through Ufone advance balance Code the total balance will be Provided Rs 20.

Which will be deducted from you on recharging. But you will be told that when you recharge again It will.be deducted Rs 4.40 extra. Friends, you should be told that when your balance less than Rs 12.

Then only you will be able to benefit from this offer. If your balance is more than Rs 12. Then you will not be able to benefit from this offer.

Uadvance For Postpay

Friends, you should be told that the Ufone advanced balance service is also available for customers on all postpay. Whose details are given below. If you want to benefit from this offer, then go to the dial pad of your mobile.

And dial this small code there. Dial *229#. Friends, you should be given a child that for achieving the journey you will be charged Rs 5, which will also be the including tax charges.


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