Ufone balance share code 2020

Ufone balance share

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With the help of which you can share your Ufone balance. Whenever you need, you can transfer the balance from another Ufone number to your number.

Ufone balance share code 2020 Detail

Friends, it often happens that if you have Yojr Ufone balance over. Then in such a situation. If you cannot go to the nearest retailer. Or the retailer does not have recharge.

Then in this situation you will get this benefits from ufone balance share offer. Friends, as all telecom communication company gives you this offers.

UShare share 2020

Friends, if you want to share Ufone balance. First of all you have to go to the dial pad of your mobile. And dial such USSD Code according to the method given there.

Dial 828<9233***>Price#. And your balance will be share. Friends, If you do not understand about this USSD code. Then guide you that first you have to dial the code 828 that is given.

Then after that you have to add the number which is going to be sent. like 8289231234567. After that you have to write the price you want to send 82892312345678*30#.

As I have shown you in support, I first dialed that code. Then added the number to which I want to send the balance. And after that I added that how much amount I want to send, you have the same format.

Friends, you will be told one more thing here. This offer is only for Ufone to Ufone mobile number. It is not if you have a Ufone number and if you want to ufone balance share the balance on any other network. Then you will not be able to do it.

Ufone balance share code 2020

Ufone balance share code 2020

  • Code to Dial: Dial 828<9233*>#
  • So friends, now we explain to you with an example. That how you can Ufone balance share on any Ufone number. Then go towards the example below.
  • Example: 8289233111111*200#.
  • After this confirmation, you will get a popup show on the screen of your mobile. In which you will be asked about the confirmation.
  • Which you have to reply to 1.
  • When you reply to 1, you will share your Ufone balance.
  • Friends, it is important to tell you one thing here that the price of this offer is Rs 4.77.
  • This means that whenever you share the balance. 4.77 balance will be deducted from your mobile account in it.

Terms & Condition

When you Ufone balance share. You get a confirmation message. That when you transfer the balance. When the transaction completes.

You are sent another message and it is confirmed whether your transaction is completed or not. This offer can be used by all prepaid customers, if you are a postpaid customer then you cannot benefit from this offer.

You should be told that this code can be changed at any time from th Ufone’s company. After applying the Ufone balance share. its terms and conditions will apply.


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